Nayax Enables Prepaid Vending Solutions to Drive Customer Loyalty

If you operate automated machines in a closed-loop environment, whether it be a vending machine at an office or an on-premise laundromat in a residential building, you’ll want to offer prepaid payments. Prepaid payments offer customers full control over their spending, as they can load a monthly, weekly, or daily amount onto their cards and use that at your machines.

What Is a Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card is a form of payment that the consumer can load up with a certain amount of money before using it.

Prepaid cards come in several forms:

  • ID cards or key fobs for employees at their place of work, for students at their place of study, or for residents at their dwelling-place
  • Loyalty cards that are distributed (for free or for a small fee) to consumers
  • Digital prepaid cards on different payment apps

Prepaid cards can come in several forms, either physical such as an employee or student card, or digital such as a payment app. They can help boost employee welfare, for example, if employers choose to give employees discounts on office vending or coffee machines via their prepaid cards. Employers can also charge employee cards with a monthly, weekly, or daily amount, encouraging them to spend more. This is beneficial both for workers, as they get extra perks, and for employers, as it boosts office satisfaction and productivity.

Using digital prepaid cards via Monyx Wallet, for example, can provide even more advantages to both parties. This offers a convenient payment experience that only requires a phone and can help drive more customer loyalty.

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