Nayax Capital FINANCING is Here!

Nayax Ltd., a global commerce enablement and payments platform designed to help merchants scale their business, announced the launch of Nayax Capital, its embedded financing solution for operators looking to purchase a VPOS Touch card reader or Nova Market self-service kiosk to scale their unattended retail operations.


Nayax customers can now check out on Nayax’s e-commerce shop and receive VPOS Touch or Nova Market solutions using one of Nayax Capital’s financing plans, customized for each buyer. Customers will fully own their devices from the start, and will pay for them with 0% APR, no payment schedule, no late penalty, as well as no hidden or additional fees. Nayax customers will make repayments for the devices either via a monthly payment or via a percentage of their sales which will be deducted every billing cycle until the device is fully paid.

Nayax Capital’s main financing model is “pay-as-you-grow”, meaning that customers will only pay for the device if they are earning money from sales. This will support the business operators’ cashflow, providing a boost to grow their business without worrying about initial cash outlay and higher operational costs.

Nayax Capital is a joint venture between Nayax and Bank Hapoalim, a leading bank in Israel and Alon Feit, formerly the founder of Splitit. The objective of Nayax Capital is to become Nayax’s financing arm and embedded finance partner, offering financing and capital solutions to Nayax customers. Financing offers are subject to approval by Nayax Capital.

“We are excited to provide customers in the unattended business the opportunity to get a head start and not worry about their capital expenditure. We are also proud that we can offer Nayax’s customers the opportunity to grow their businesses with less friction by providing cashflow support,” says Carly Furman, CEO of Nayax, North America. “Helping retailers increase their bottom line is the core of Nayax’s value proposition, and Nayax Capital is an additional way we can help our smaller merchants achieve this, while scaling their businesses.”

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