Mini Pinball Game- Part Vending, Part Pinball!

Sqwishland Game

Brand Vending Products LLC, a leader and pioneer in toys and vending supplies for nearly 30 years, is proud to announce an exciting new experience in toy vending. The SqwishLand Flipper Machine, part pinball, part vending machine, and part game of chance! Every play on the Flipper guarantees an award-winning SqwishLand Toy. What sets this machine apart is users can test their skills for a FREE additional SqwishLand Prize!

SqwishLand has been the #1 Best-Selling 1” vending toy for the last 12 years! This is the first time SqwishLand has licensed a Pinball Machine specifically designed to dispense and vend SqwishLand toys. Wrapped in head-to-toe ocean blue SqwishLand Sea branding it stands prominently bringing kids & adults together from across the room. It’s equipped with a 10” audio/video screen and bright LED’s that loop engaging video content and alluring audio that can be used for the location as an additional ad monitor.

Every SqwishLand Flipper Machine holds 1,000 Toy capsules and can be set for $.50 or $1.00 plays. Additional capsules are available for purchase from Brand Vending Products, Amazon, or other vending retailers at around $0.11 per toy capsule.

This machine creates an amazing attraction and experience to any location it is placed including helping draw attention to exiting claw machines and other vending machines. The SqwishLand Flipper has such a small footprint (25” x 17” x 54”) it can fit almost anywhere while standing at the perfect height for kids.

Brand Vending Products is now shipping out the first batch of SqwishLand Flipper’s with an MSRP of $1,199. For franchise operations, we see a huge opportunity for customizing the kiosks just like in Denny’s for their arcade crane games.

Who is Brand Vending Products, LLC?

Brand Vending Products has been promoting great bulk vending products for nearly 30 years. Brand Vending has always been a leader in innovation. They create, design, and develop their own toy lines and brands; like the popular SqwishLand collectible figurine series, which has been awarded the Best-Selling 1-Inch Capsuled Products for 12 years running. The SqwishLand toy line has sold over 200 million collectible figurines in both retail and vending.

“Our goal has always been to offer unique products that sell through vending machines quickly and focusing on a streamlined offering of original, strong-selling, quality toys & novelties” says Brand Vending’s Scot Jochim CEO of Brand Vending Products. They are known for conceptualizing many vending industry firsts, including:

  • Temporary Tatoos in flat vending
  • 1-Inch Round Capsules that are compatible with candy and super ball machines
  • Developing Intellectual Property Specifically for Vending consistently for two decades
  • Unique Codes in capsules for an Online Game

For more info and additional media contact: Scot Jochim. Brand Vending Products, LLC.,, 1-800-967-3048,