Micro Market Case Study: Challenges, Objectives, Solutions

Evergreen Refreshments Micro Market

By Evergreen Refreshments

In this micro market case study, we will explain how we helped the Angel of the Winds Casino revamp and update their breakroom. Evergreen Refreshments created a space that features easy access to what their team is looking for:  a reliable source for snacks, beverages, frozen meals, and treats, and a fresh food program with wraps, salads, sandwiches, grab-n-go items, and even entrees.


The casino’s current program was not easily adaptable, for example, it was unable to open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, but the program was not cost-effective and difficult to manage and track what the employees were spending. Even when their EDR (Employee Dining Room) was accessible, it depended heavily on labor and inventory. Plus the inventory featured limited options. Overall:

  1. The current program was not cost-effective
  2. Difficult to manage and track spending
  3. Depended heavily on labor and inventory
  4. Offered limited options with little variety 
  5. Not easily adaptable (unable to open during COVID-19 pandemic)


Our goal was to identify their team needs and employee preferences with a consultative and customized approach and save the casino money It also had to be a seamless transition that would not obstruct the current work environment. With the addition of a micro market, our team was able to find a solution that fits the bill. A micro market is capable of providing refreshments and meals on a large scale. The was no upfront cost to the casino and we handle everything from installation to labor and service.


The micro market was the perfect solution for the Angel of the Winds Casino. Because it’s accessible 24/7 and 365 days a year, it’s great for shifts that are long or non-traditional. All team members deserve the same level of service and a micro market meets those needs. It’s easy to use and offers various payment options. The best part is, they have access to over 300 types of items with choices of snacks, beverages, and meals. Whatever they’re craving, we likely have it in stock for them. If not, we can make it happen. In conclusion:

  1. Micro markets are free for companies.
  2. A micro market is accessible 24/7 as well as 365 days a year. 
  3. It isn’t limited by staff shortages or other variables, so the service is stable and consistent. 
  4. It uses new technology that’s easy to use offers various payment options.
  5. Features over 300 types of items with choices of snacks, beverages, and entrees.
  6. It’s super simple to manage and measure what your team spends.
  7. With a meal allowance program, it’s easy to reward employees with credits to use in the market.

A Few Other Benefits You Can Expect

  1. Stress-Free: Our team handles everything so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits.
  2. Custom Solutions: Our consultative approach means we develop solutions that a customized for your unique needs.
  3. Proven Track Record: We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years with loyal, satisfied customers across the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Competitive Advantage: We’re always working on new solutions to keep your employees happy, productive, and on-site.
  5. And More: Learn more about our perks and the benefits of a micro market here.

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Evergreen Refreshments

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