Maintain The Proper Cooler Temperature With Minus Forty

Minus Forty Smart Connect

For more than 30 years, Minus Forty has been providing reliable and superior commercial refrigerated merchandising solutions for businesses nationwide. Maintaining the proper cooler temperature is essential for operators because it can mean the difference between products lasting longer or spoiling sooner than expected. 

What is the Ideal Refrigeration Temperature?

Government regulations state that fridges should be set at 40F and freezers at 0F, but the reality is that you should set them a little bit lower than what the government requires. Ideally, your fridge should be set between 35-38 F and your freezers should be set as low as -15 F. 

Choosing a lower temperature for your fridge and freezer will ensure that you go the extra mile to ensure the quality of your non-perishable items, and this will also lead to higher-quality goods for your customers. 

SmartLock And SmartConnect Technology  

What makes their units different than others on the market today is the Minus Forty’s SmartLock and SmartConnect, technology that ensures that food is always stored at optimal temperatures, but what’s most ideal is that operators can access information about their refrigerated merchandisers anywhere worldwide. 

With Minus Forty, you will spend less time driving out to your micro market or unattended retail locations because you will be notified by text when your fridges or freezers have temperature changes or issues, and you also can lock/unlock them remotely. 

Nationwide Network of Preferred Service Technicians 

Your fridges and freezers shouldn’t be things that keep you constantly thinking about them, especially during extremely hot days when temperatures top 100 degrees.  If one of your Minus Forty refrigerated merchandisers needs service for any reason, you can also access historical data remotely and rely on one of their technicians to be ready to make repairs 24-7. 

To learn more about Minus Forty and their food safety solutions, visit their website at or call 800-800-5706.