LiftKar Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Hand Truck

LiftKare Powered Hand Truck

Wesco LiftKar HD electric stair-climbing hand truck makes lifting cargo over stairs and steps easy and safe. The battery-powered climbing mechanism extends out from behind the nose plate to lift cargo up to 725 lbs. over steps up to 8.25″ high each. The lifting mechanism is powered by a sealed, maintenance-free 24v battery pack (included).

The LiftKar HD stair-climbing hand truck offers two operating modes: single step and continuous climb. In single step mode, the ascend or descend button must be pressed after each step for maximum control. In continuous mode, the lifting mechanism will allow uninterrupted lifting over each step. There are also two climbing speeds: six or ten steps per minute.

Includes a battery, charger, and two-piece 132″ x 2″ cargo belt with clasp. Additional accessories available.

Uni – straight frame – accepts dolly option for 4-wheel support.

Fold – upper handle angle can be adjusted. Best for copiers, safes, heavy motors or any short and heavy load which would require the user to pull the load back to a very low position. The adjustable angle position on the Fold model allows the user to stand upright when using the truck at a very low angle.

Extended Fold – Same advantages as Fold but with an extra 7″ in height and fold-out wheel carriage.

Innovative edge-of-step braking system – automatically applies brake when wheels are at edge of step. Helps prevent loss of load control caused by accidental rolling down steps.

Brake can be shut off for use on level ground – prevents unwanted braking when moving over ground with an uneven surface.

Two operating modes: single step (ascend or descend button must be pressed after each step – ideal for maximum control), or continuous climb.

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