Levy Restaurants Adds Bake Xpress to Tech Café 

Bake Express
Innovative High-Tech Food Court Combines Next-Gen Vending Solutions

LBX Food Robotics, the leader in hot food vending, today announced that its Bake Xpress kiosk is part of the Tech Café installed by Levy Restaurants at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Featuring a selection of unique robotic vending solutions, the Tech Café is designed to augment the existing restaurant service provided by Levy at the convention center with a fun, futuristic food experience. Bake Xpress was chosen because it can offer a wide variety of hot meals, pastries and hearty snacks with a menu can be adapted based on customer demand or for specific events. Other co-located machines offer ramen, drinks, snacks, smoothies and personal supplies.​

“The Tech Café that Levy has installed at the convention center is a peek into the future of food service,” said Benoit Herve, founder and CEO of LBX Food Robotics. “Pairing Bake Xpress with complementary machines creates a convenient alternative to a full-service café, with a selection range of fresh, healthy choices. It’s a huge upgrade from the typical packaged snack and soda vending we are all used to and allows the venue to serve their customers in a unique way without adding staff or facilities.”

Bake Xpress is the only hot food vending kiosk on the market that uses infrared and convection in combination with microwave to custom bake a full menu of foods on demand within 60-90 seconds at the time of order. In addition to baked goods like muffins and croissants and hot meals ranging from pasta to pizza, Bake Xpress can also serve refrigerated foods like salads, and the menu can be easily changed at any time. The initial Bake Xpress menu at the convention center includes a selection of croissants, pretzels, cookies, a chicken and mushroom grain bowl and a chilled cavatappi salad.

The Tech Café at the Santa Clara Convention Center opened earlier this year and is available to all visitors to the convention center.

About LBX Food Robotics
LBX Food Robotics is revolutionizing the food service industry with an innovative combination of robotic, AI, sensor, wireless, and heating technologies. LBX’s flagship product, the Bake Xpress micro-bakery, is a ground-breaking hot food vending machine that custom bakes a full range of artisan foods on demand in its smart combination oven. Bake Xpress offers a customizable menu that can include pastries like croissants, muffins, and cookies; hearty meals like pasta, pizza, and gourmet sandwiches; and refrigerated foods like salads. LBX launched the first Bake Xpress microbakery as Le Bread Xpress in 2018 and has installed machines in universities, hotels, retail centers, factories and office parks world-wide.

For more information, please visit www.lebreadxpress.comsales@lebreadxpress.com, 650-996-4003.