LBX Hot Food Vending, Come Bake With Us!

LVX Hot Food Vending Machines

Visit LBX Booth #603 at The NAMA Show May 10-12th. We’ll be showcasing some delicious pizza, pastries, and cookies that highlight how Bake Xpress can perfectly bake anything you want, every single time. With a combination smart oven that actually bakes, plus the ability to fully customize everything about the machine from the branding to the video screens to the foods you choose, Bake Xpress is uniquely able to replicate the restaurant experience in a compact vending unit.

Stop by Booth 603 any time or schedule a private demo with us.

Can’t make it to Atlanta this time? Contact us to plan another time to learn more about Bake Xpress.

About LBX Food Robotics
LBX Food Robotics is revolutionizing the food service industry with an innovative combination of robotic, AI, sensor, wireless, and heating technologies. LBX’s flagship product, the Bake Xpress micro-bakery, is a ground-breaking hot food vending machine that custom bakes a full range of artisan foods on demand in its smart combination oven. Bake Xpress offers a customizable menu that can include pastries like croissants, muffins, and cookies; hearty meals like pasta, pizza, and gourmet sandwiches; and refrigerated foods like salads. LBX launched the first Bake Xpress microbakery as Le Bread Xpress in 2018 and has installed machines in universities, hotels, retail centers, factories and office parks world-wide.

For more information, please visit, 650.996.4003.