LBX Food Robotics Announces Full UL and CSA Certification for Bake Xpress

Bake Express

The Bake Xpress hot food kiosk by LBX Food Robotics has become the first full-menu hot food vending machine to meet the stringent requirements for full UL Solutions (UL) certification for US markets and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification for Canadian locations, according to LBX. 

With testing completed by TÜV Rhineland, LBX further says that Bake Xpress is guaranteed to meet internationally-recognized performance, safety and reliability standards.

Innovative Hot Food Kiosk Authorized for Installation in Highly-Regulated Facilities.

“Our focus on quality sets us apart, from the high-end foods Bake Xpress delivers down to the components we designed into our machine. This has been true since our initial design phase and is well-validated by the four years that Bake Xpress machines have been in continuous operation,” said Benoit Herve, Founder and CEO of LBX Food Robotics. “Receiving UL and CSA certification is an important milestone for LBX that will allow us to serve thousands of new high-volume locations.” Mr. Herve added that the company also is anticipating full CE certification for European markets this month, as required for all electronic equipment deployed within the European Union.

The smart oven inside Bake Xpress uses a combination of infrared, convection, and microwave to bake a full menu of meals, pastries and hearty snacks on demand. Because Bake Xpress actually bakes food, it is uniquely able to deliver restaurant-quality results such as pizza with crispy crusts and even heating and browning, pastries, pasta, sandwiches and more. LBX customers can choose to fully customize the machine and menu to extend their brand, leverage existing contracts and optimize the end user experience.

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