LAI Games Hits the “Airwaves” in 2022

LAI Games Podcast

LAI Games is set to debut a new monthly podcast beginning in January Hosted by the company’s Marketing team, the show will include discussions of industry news, tips and recommendations from successful operators and industry leaders, and other topics of interest to owners and operators of out-of-home entertainment venues. Each episode will feature a guest host who is and expert in their field, offering their perspective and insight. January’s special guest will be Maggie McCartney, Corporate Director of Marketing & Branding for Scene75 Entertainment Centers. She’ll be sharing her insights on the company’s Columbus location winning this year’s prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best FEC in the World.

The podcast will also feature the results of a monthly poll related to that month’s topic. You are invited to take part in the one-question poll for January, regarding the Omicron variant and its effect on FECs.

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About LAI Games

LAI Games is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of unique, accessible, and creative games and experiences for location-based entertainment venues and home consumers alike. Our portfolio is
comprised of video games, Virtual Reality experiences and games, ticket and prize redemption games, web apps and more. Our goal is to craft the most engaging, rewarding and innovative games and experiences for consumers, built with operators needs in mind.

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