LAI Games Announces Strategic Reorganization


LAI Games, a leading manufacturer in the location-based entertainment industry, is excited to announce a strategic reorganization aimed at strengthening its game manufacturing business while accelerating growth in a new line of direct-to-consumer products.

2022 was a strong year for LAI Games as the easing of COVID restrictions led to a pent-up demand for location-based entertainment. LAI was well positioned to meet that demand with both its proven products and new product launches. In addition, LAI’s consumer initiatives continued to grow and show great potential.

The Direct-to-Consumer division, which began during the COVID pandemic, has matured to the point where the company is confident in its ability to scale and independently deliver material value. To lead this effort, LAI Games is announcing the launch of ArcadeXR, which will operate independently of LAI Games and be headed Shannon Perell, LAI’s former Chief Product Officer.

Darren Chia, LAI’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, will step into the role of Managing Director of the Singapore studio, leveraging his years of experience in product development, manufacturing, and supply chain management to continue driving the growth of LAI Games’ product portfolio.

“We’re confident that this move will be beneficial to both businesses,” said Mark Easte, CEO of LAI Games. “ArcadeXR will focus on bringing the arcade experience to consumers across new entertainment channels, allowing LAI Games to drive the growth of our games business while continuing to lead the industry in innovation, creativity, and operational excellence.”

About LAI Games
LAI Games is a leading manufacturer in the location-based entertainment industry, providing cutting-edge products and innovative solutions to the arcade market. With a focus on operational excellence and customer satisfaction, LAI Games is committed to delivering the best in arcade gaming experiences to players around the world.

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