Jofemar Corporation Achieves 60 Million Euros in 2022


Jofemar Corporation closed 2022 with historic results. Specifically, the corporation is based in the region of Navarre (Spain) and specializing globally in the vending, electric mobility and energy storage industries recorded a 61.3 million euros (21.05% more than in 2021), the best figure in its history. This growth was also reflected in the profitability of the business, with an EBITDA worth 9.1 million euros (29.45 % more than in 2021).

These results where presented in a meeting where the company’s chairman, Félix Guindulain, expressed that his company “has always prioritised the generation of employment and wealth in Navarre.”

During the meeting, which also included a visit to Jofemar’s facilities and a brief exchange with the company’s employees, Guindulain illustrated the positive impact of Corporación Jofemar’s activity in the region. In this regard, the generation of employment stands out, with a growth of 10% in the last two years and 30 new hires, reaching a total of 303 workers in the corporation. To grasp the full picture, however, the number of indirect Jobs must be added, which the company estimates at around 600. Also noteworthy is the boost to the region’s industry, with 21.7 million euros in purchases from local suppliers, as well as the annual investment in R&D projects, which stands at around one million euros.

“All these amounts are a clear demonstration that our commitment to Navarre is real and that we reflect it through all our actions,” Guindulain stated.


Strategic Plan 2021-2025
In the words of Félix Guindulain, “These accomplishments endorse the success of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, in which the group is immersed after years of growth and diversification in numerous sectors.”

Relying on its strong position achieved in the vending segment, in recent years the company has been committed to promoting and consolidating new business lines such as Jofemar Energy, Electromobility and Health. Moreover, the company has created Global Services, a division in charge of offering technical support to all the customers of any division of the group in a centralized manner.

The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan aims to respond to the new challenges arising from this situation, so as to “guarantee the same corporate culture in all businesses, unify equipment and systems, design career plans and common incentive systems, and articulate coordination formulas to take advantage of intra-roup synergies.” This search for cohesion and efficiency in all businesses, areas and levels of work is one of the main guidelines that run through many of the actions contemplated in the plan.

Specifically, the objectives of the Strategic Plan include ensuring financial stability during the period 2021-2025, optimizing the allocation of human and financial resources, promoting technological development and product improvement, consolidating Jofemar as a key company in the generation of wealth in Navarre and, specifically, in the Peralta area, ensuring compliance with ESG policies and guaranteeing the sustainability of the group.

Furthermore, Guindulain recalled, “the increasingly competitive global context makes it necessary to continue to improve our understanding and presence in the market.” Improving communication and coordination between the delegations and the head office, carrying out professionalized market research and improving the brand image are other priority lines of action for the next five years.

About Jofemar Corporation
Jofemar Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021. In this half-century, the company has built up a solid presence in more than 84 countries on five continents. In addition to five branches in Spain, and four in the United States, France, Great Britain and Brazil, it has an official network of distributors all over the world. The company designs, manufactures and markets, through different divisions, a wide range of technological solutions and holds a leading position in the dispensing, retail and vending sectors, with machines and payment systems. It currently has more than 5,000 Sentil and V2C machines operating in Spain.

Aware of the importance of accelerating the ecological transition, in recent years Jofemar has opted to diversify into other areas related to electric vehicles and energy storage and distribution, such as battery packs for storage in smartgrids and industrial vehicles. Commitment to R&D&I, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and commitment to Navarre’s territory are the main values that guide the company’s activity. These are the values that have allowed Jofemar to grow and consolidate, earning the trust and recognition of customers and other stakeholders for decades.

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