Jacklinks Mild and Wild

We know what you’re thinking: How can it be Mild and Wild at the same time? Go ahead. Take a bite of this meat stick. Taste the paradox for yourself.

What makes these mildly seasoned sticks wild is their ability to help satisfy even the biggest of appetites?

They are just the right balance of smoky and sweet to be the perfect food to help push through studying for that calc test, or plowing through a marathon video game session or calming the all-consuming afterschool hunger.

BIG 2.2 OZ STICK: Large stick is the perfect size for bigger appetites.

CONVENIENT SNACK: Excellent source of protein per 2.2oz stick and no need for a fridge, Jack Link’s Wild Sticks are the perfect snack to throw in your backpack, toss in your gym bag or keep next to the game console. They’re ready-to-eat whenever you are.

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 300, Calories from Fat: 110.

Order online: https://www.jacklinks.com/shop/mild-wild-sticks

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