Is Gamification the Future of Customer Engagement? 


Customer engagement is the key to success when it comes to building a thriving and profitable business, but the big question is how exactly do you keep your customers engaged? Especially in a world where there is always competition for your customers attention?  

Gamification is the answer to successful custom engagement in the 2020’s because more customers than ever before are used to playing games on their phones, online, or at home, and gamification helps to keep them interested and paying attention to what a business is marketing. 

Does this mean that you need to develop a game that your customers can play on their phones? Not exactly, you can keep your customers engaged in a game like marketing campaign that includes leaderboards, badges, and points. 

Why Gamification Works 

Let’s face it, in the 2020’s most people are comfortable with games, especially since they’ve been a regular part of life since the 1970’s when Atari was launched. 

You can keep your customers coming back and encourage them to spend more money plus buy more products by using effective gamification strategies. 

From large to small businesses, gamification has been effective at generating billions of dollars in sales in recent years as companies have tapped into the power of apps and gamification techniques to keep their customers interested in their brands, especially during the pandemic. 

Nike is one of the biggest success stories, their revenue has tripled in recent years because they’ve developed an app that makes it possible for users to create and share challenges with their friends while making the task of running more rewarding. 

Nayax Monyx Wallet 

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