How U-Select-It Got an Edge on the Competition with PayRange


U-Select-It (USI), a Des Moines, IA-based company, a few years ago converted its vending machines to cashless payments. The company has been in the vending industry for more than 85 years and saw cashless payments as the next progression of its business. 

Offering snacks, frozen food, canned food, coffee, bottled drinks, and coffee, USI knew that the time was right to convert its machines to cashless payments. The company chose PayRange to build mobile functionality into its vending machines. 

A few years ago, most vending operators were reporting around 15% of transactions as cashless. Today, many operators believe cashless sales are between 50% and 70% or even higher. There’s every reason to think that the trend towards more cashless transactions will continue and USI had an eye towards the future when thinking about their new line of machines.

A Win-Win Combination 

Choosing PayRange to add mobile functionality to their vending machines was a win-win for USI because, with cash sales down by more than 50% since the pandemic, offering cashless payments has made it possible for USI to stay competitive while also offering their clients a frictionless experience with their vending machines. 

USI’s Evoke Snack 5 merchandisers have built-in PayRange features, making it as easy as possible for operators to get started with PayRange without incurring the extra cost of installing It on their devices.  

Open Architecture Control Board 

If you’ve owned vending machines for years, you know that older ones typically have a ‘hodge-podge’ of wires behind the control door that are often difficult to figure out. 

With the new USI FLEX Integration design, their control board makes setting up PayRange easy and adds additional value to end-user customers and operators. 

Learn more about the USI by visiting their website at or calling (800) 247-8709. 

Source: PayRange