HaHa Vending Offers AI Smart Fridge Vending Machines

HAHA Vending Smart Fridge

HaHa Vending is the pioneering creator and customization specialist of these AI smart fridge vending machines. In response to the global unmanned retail boom driven by rising rent and labor costs in 2017, HaHa Vending created the world’s first AI-powered smart fridge vending machine based on deep learning algorithms.

Currently, HaHa Vending has served over 5,000 clients globally, offering a highly competitive AI retail solution and earning various accolades. Following seven years of substantial R&D investment, it boasts core technical strengths in “equipment + SAAS + algorithms,” with over 50 patents and software copyrights.

The AI smart fridge vending machine consists of refrigerated cabinet, intelligent kits, SAAS platform, and algorithms. The intelligent kits, SAAS platform, and algorithms are all independently researched and developed, thus owning complete independent intellectual property rights.

For refrigerated cabinet, HaHa Vending cooperates with an Italian manufacturer with 20+ years of experience; production involves components sourced worldwide, assembled in China under a model similar to Apple’s.

In the future, HaHa Vending will continue to focus on AI smart fridge vending machines, driving innovation and aiming to be the leading global partner in this field. The company was established in July 2017, and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

They are looking for more partners to cooperate and share profits. For more information visit https://hahainnovend.com/. Email hahavendingmachine@gmail.com, or call 980-403-8992.

HAHA Vending Smart Fridge