Greg’s Super Money Bags

Greg's Super Money Bags

Greg’s Super Money Bags!! Keep your money straight and organized and make it fast to count.

Does your business need to use Greg’s Super Bags?  Answer these three questions:

  1. Does your business handle a lot of cash and change?
  2. Do you use a bill counter and change counter machine?
  3. Are you looking to save time and money in your cash counting room?

If you answered yes to all three of these, you definitely need Greg’s Super Bags!

ELIMINATE coins accidentally hiding between the dollar bills and then falling into your bill counter during the counting process, since the coins are kept in a separate compartment. Also has a barcode window for automated processing purposes.

Greg’s Super Bag comes with a 5-year “no questions asked” replacement guarantee! Call or email to order today! 

Text: 619-808-2049

Greg's Super Money Bags