GMBOS, A GM Global Vending Solution

Today GMBOS is the leading multi-brand telemetry application for vending recognized in the sector as the most advanced, universal, complete, intuitive and functional. In addition, GMBOS is an application constantly updated with the incorporation of the latest advances in technology, as well as the needs of the different types of clients. Developed by GM Global Solutions.

GMBOS is applicable to various sectors and stands out for the following characteristics:

  • Universal.  It can be installed in beverage and multi-product vending machines as well as freestanding kiosks by incorporating a modem designed and manufactured by GM Global Solutions. 
  • Intuitive. The application has a modern and easy-to-use interface. The client accesses the different functions in an intuitive and simple way.
  • Accessible. Designed to be operated from any device, computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Versatile.  GMBOS is suitable for both small and large operators, offering the appropriate functionalities for every need. 
  • Secure. The database where the data is hosted is robust, advanced and oriented to the handling of large amounts of data. Communications are encrypted and are hosted on highly secure servers.
  • Real Time Data Retrieval. The information obtained by the operator is in real time.
GM Vending Machines


GM Global Solutions specializes in manufacturing and developing machines and software for point-of-sale retail, including vending machines, automated dispensers or cabinets, software and telemetry, multiproduct dispensers and kiosks.  The company also offers operational and maintenance services. 

GM Global Solutions develops its products and solutions for the following key sectors: Vending, Retail, HORECA, Hospitality, convenience stores, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), always striving to optimize sales processes and increase profitability.

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