Fingernails2Go Digital Nail Art Kiosk

Bringing fashion and technology together in a seamless blend to offer a truly personalized nail art experience.

Fingernails2go Kiosk
Fingernails2Go uses an inkjet printer to paint users’ nails.

Fingernails2Go is a self-service Digital Nail Art Kiosk. This specialty machine prints intricate designs and patterns onto fingernails or onto a full set of artificial nails in a matter of seconds. Customers can choose from hundreds of designs or use the Kiosk’s in-built digital camera to capture their own image. With the ability to upload images from Smartphones, the available nail designs are endless.

Developed and built in the Tensator Technology Centre in Lisbon, Portugal, the state-of-the-art printing technology is provided by HP’s Specialty Printing Systems group. Using the world’s only regulatory compliant ink developed by Tritron GmbH, the Kiosk is unique in printing the fastest and safest high quality images onto natural or artificial nails.

  • Upload artwork from a smart phone.
  • Touch screen for easy user experience.
  • Unlimited design possibilities.
  • Prints acrylics in seconds!
  • State of the art technology.
  • Impressive detail and quality.
  • No blurring the lines, no smudging, no polish mishaps.

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