Evolution of Vending in the Workplace

Workplace Evolution

Office vending machines have always been a handy spot for a quick snack or drink at work. In the past, they were simple snack machines where you’d drop in some change or pay with an RFID card. But now, they have undergone a significant transformation, becoming smarter and more convenient thanks to the integration of digital technology. In this blog, we’ll look at how workplace vending has evolved, starting with RFID cards and keys for payments and moving to convenient mobile payments with exciting loyalty programs.

RFID Cards: The Original Cashless Method

RFID cards and keys are the simplest cashless, closed-loop payment method for vending and coffee machines in the workplace. Employers can award employees with bonuses or spending budgets for the machines in the office, so they can simply tap an RFID card or key on the machine reader and get a product without charge. For companies, RFID payment provides two main advantages. Firstly, they can motivate their employees and create a positive atmosphere in the workplace by subsidizing their coffee, snacks, or meals. Secondly, these solutions are budget-friendly because they are easy to start and manage and do not require extra processing fees.

Mobile Payments: First Steps to Digitalization

Mobile apps are becoming more popular in workplace vending, replacing RFID cards and keys. For example, Televend’s MacJack is a mobile app that links existing RFID cards to the employee’s mobile phone, so they don’t have to carry cards or keys. Users can use both personal and employer credits within one single app. Moreover, the MacJack app doesn’t even require an RFID reader – customers can pay by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC mark on the machine. So, operators can save money in two ways – by removing the need to buy cards and keys for each employee and eliminating RFID readers from the picture.

Digital Loyalty Rewards: Encouraging More Spending

Besides seamless mobile payment, the MacJack app also offers a range of loyalty programs. By purchasing with the app, users can earn points, discounts, or special offers, which helps create a sense of value and appreciation. This is an easy, fast, and efficient way to encourage users to spend more, leading to increased consumption. Moreover, users can give feedback and report a problem within the app, so vending operators can analyze customer needs and preferences and resolve issues with one click.

Micro Markets: Expanding the Product Offerings

Micro markets are becoming more popular, especially in offices. These office self-service markets offer a wide variety of fresh foods, snacks, and drinks. They give employees an easy, healthy, and flexible alternative to traditional dining options. Employees can choose meals and snacks that they prefer, and vending operators can sell more with a wider range of product offerings. With that in mind, Televend has recently introduced its micro-market solution – Nutrico. It is a complete micro-market solution providing modern businesses with self-service kiosks and an operation management system.

Making Healthier Choice: The Rising Trend for Conscious Nutrition

As we see, a focus on health is also shaping the vending industry. Understanding the value of employee health, companies are choosing vending machines that offer healthy snacks and drinks. Healthier choices like nuts, protein bars, and fresh fruit are replacing traditional high-sugar, high-calorie options. This change shows a growing awareness that good nutrition keeps employee energy levels stable and boosts productivity.

The future of vending in the workspace is bright and digital-oriented. From the simplicity of using mobile payments with apps like MacJack to earning perks through digital loyalty programs, buying snacks and drinks has never been easier or more rewarding. With innovations like Nutrico micro-markets, operators can provide various healthier options and conveniently meet customer demands. Keeping up with these trends isn’t just smart; it’s essential for vending operators aiming to succeed and grow in the evolving market.

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Source: Televend