Announcing DMVI’s M-Series, Expandable Modular Automated Retail Technology Systems


Digital Media Vending International (DMVI), a leading provider of automated retail technology solutions, is launching a new M-Series division focused on the massive problem of retail shrinkage, one of the leading challenges facing brick and mortar retailers today.

Operators can now offer DMVI’s expandable modular automated M-Series to locations needing an innovative approach to loss prevention by automating in-store shelves and providing consumers with instant access to high-value products, while also providing retailers with detailed inventory tracking data that can help reduce shrink.

The M-Series is available in three models: the Signature model, the Wine & Liquor Bottle model, and a Pharmacy model. The Signature model features a modular design that can expand from 5ft to 36ft wide, capable of dispensing a wide variety of product sizes, and can be equipped with interchangeable 55″ advertising screens or windows. For high traffic locations, they offer a self-serve order kiosk option. The M-Series models provide consumers with instant access to products without the need to lock them away, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and convenient.

David Ashforth CEO DMVI
DMVI’s CEO David Ashforth at NAMA Show 2023

“We are excited to offer our patent-pending solution that addresses the critical problem of retail shrink,” said DMVI’s CEO David Ashforth. “Our expandable automated retail technology and modular delivery systems are a game-changer for retailers who want to reduce losses, increase sales, and improve their customer experience. With our innovative approach to automated retail, we are helping retailers stay ahead of the curve and drive growth in an increasingly competitive market.”

To fund DMVI’s rapid expansions and buildup the M-Series Division the Company is looking to strategic Venture Capital stakeholders who are seeking new innovations in this sector.  So far, the Company has raised $1 million of its $5 million, Series A round, offered through Capital Q Ventures Inc., who has acquired an equity stake in the company. “DMVI is raising this new round of funding to accelerate momentum in the Retail Technology sector and to reinforce leadership for their new M-Series Division that will be dedicated to Fortune 500 Retailers.”, stated Michael “Q” Quatrini, CEO of Capital Q Ventures.  “With a $100 billion prize up for grabs, the company that finds the solution for retail shrink will set the standards that will guide consumer experiences.  We think DMVI has the most stress-free answer for the customer, and also the retailers, in their patented M-Series platform.”

DMVI’s M-Series Applications:

  • Retail Solutions
  • Breakroom Solutions
  • Vending Solutions
  • Micro Market Solutions

For more information, visit the DMVI website at,, or call 1-800-490-1108.