Digital Signage Helps Bring Sales To The Next Level


Developed with Invenda’s deep experience in automated retail, their digital signage technology has one sole purpose: to drive your consumer engagement and sales.  The Invenda Group AG family of companies is bringing automated retail technology into the future.

Purpose Driven Signage 

With Invenda’s digital signage, you have complete control over their signage technology, and you will be able to do so much more in real-time including connecting with new customers and strengthening bonds with existing customers. 

Besides having real-time control over your signage, you can also: 

  • Automate content to display images and offers at the right time.
  • Provide prices and reviews to ‘nudge’ customers into buying
  • Change prices and menus remotely
  • Offer location-specific products.  
  • Create custom content for the location where the sign is displayed.

21st Century Selling Tool 

Let’s face it, static signage will always be in use somewhere in automated retail environments, but the reality is that digital signage is better because these signs are selling tools that will help your business to grow. 

When you add digital signage to your automated retail location, you can easily attract more customers and offer them the right products that they are searching for at that moment, regardless of if they want foods or beverages. 


To learn more about digital signage by Invenda Group, visit their website, email