Delivery Lockers Powered by USI and 365 Retail Markets

Delivery Lockers

Deliver Meals to Your Locations with Delivery Lockers Powered by USI and 365 Retail Markets. Provide streamlined, contactless food delivery and pick-up stations with our new Delivery Lockers.

U-Select-It, a leading global vending solutions provider, is excited to introduce Delivery Lockers, powered by U-Select-It and 365 Retail Markets.

Delivery Lockers provide streamlined, contactless food delivery and pick-up
stations for the next generation of onsite delivery. Our Delivery Lockers
are available with optional UVend Technology, our UVC sanitizing

“Our new Delivery Lockers are a direct response to changing consumer
preferences and needs of our operators who are striving to meet the
changing demands of their locations and employees,” said USI Director of
Engineering, Andres Martinez-Negrete. “By providing fresh food and meal
options at the workplace, operators can broaden and enhance the service
for their clients, while helping them achieve a more satisfied, productive

With Delivery Lockers, customers can order freshly made meals with
contactless delivery to ensure a safe experience. Operators can utilize
their own commissaries, outside kitchens or third-party food services.
Using Delivery Lockers is easy for end-customers.

Simply download the Connect & Pay app and create and fund your account. From there, you can link to your existing Order Ahead app and order a meal as usual. Finally, you will receive a locker receipt QR and 6-digit code for order pickup, which can be retrieved from the designated locker cubby.

Through 365 Retail Markets, you receive flexibility so the Delivery Lockers can be easily set up and integrated to your customer’s environment. They are compatible with Connect & Pay app or They eliminate waiting in lines and create pick-up efficiencies to reduce order mix-up and confusion. For safety, Delivery Lockers are easy-to use, secure and tamper proof.

  • Compatible with Connect & Pay app or
  • Eliminate waiting in lines
  • Contactless pick-up
  • Easy to use, secure and tamper proof
  • Create pick-up efficiencies—reduces order mix-up/confusion
  • Compact designs allow for maximum sales volume
  • Optimize with real-time data flows and insights
Jim Chico
Jim Chico, USI VP

A contactless meal pick-up experience like no other! 

“Many operators have had to find ways to adopt new approaches and expand their offerings over the past 18 months,” says Jim Chico, USI Vice President of Global Sales. “Delivery Lockers provide safe and easy delivery for operators’ customers and their employees.”

For more information contact U-Select-It at 1-800-247-8709. Or Email Steve