CSC Digital Laundry System Technology Advantage 

CSI Digital Laundry

If you own laundry rooms, or have a portfolio of laundry machines in your area, you know that staying on top of maintenance is critical because if your machines stop working, you’re not making money.  

With the CSC Digital Laundry System, you know can keep all of your laundry machines connected via one cloud-based reporting and monitoring application. 

The CSC Digital Laundry System makes managing a laundry business efficient but what’s even more ideal is that it also makes it easy for consumers to get their laundry done. 

An Easy Way For Consumers To Laundry  

Gone are the days of paying for laundry with just cash or coin; all a consumer has to do is download the CSC app to pay for a load of laundry via their smartphone. 

Once their laundry is completed, the mobile app will alert the user so that they can easily return to the machine for pickup. 

Optimize Machine Usage To Meet Customer Demand 

Regardless if you have your machines placed in laundry rooms, multifamily properties, or other locations in your area, you will be able to optimize those machines to meet customer demand thanks to the convenient web-based management portal. 

Created by CSC Service Works, a New York-based company that’s been in the laundry industry since the 1920s, operators who choose their digital laundry system can have peace of mind in knowing that it will make it possible for them to build an efficient laundry business. 

To learn more about the CSC Digital Laundry System, visit their website at or call (844) 272-9675.