Chris Cascione Shares Group C’s Yoke Success Story

Chris Cascione, Retail Market Manager at Group C

New York-based Group C is an ideal example of a company that was able to transition its business from vending, to a retail business thanks to the Yoke Micro Market platform. 

During a recent interview, Chris Cascione, Retail Market Manager with Group C, shared how the company was able to transition 120 of their vending machines, to micro-markets, with the Yoke platform.  

With Yoke, Group C was also able to set up Yoke Markets at half the cost of a traditional vending machines, and with the Yoke App, they can communicate directly with their customers. 

Group C is a prime example of what’s possible thanks to the Yoke platform, and they are also proof that any operator can transition their vending machines, to micro-markets, with this software. 

Visit Group C’s website at: , (800) 761-0810.

Yoke, Cost-Effective And Efficient 

Developed by Cantaloupe, Yoke makes it possible for operators to easily and efficiently manage their micro-markets from anywhere. 

With the Yoke Micro Market platform, all of the tools that an operator needs are in one place, and they can start, or enhance a micro-market business while enjoying faster service stops, data-driven-merchandizing, and cashless payments. Visit the Cantaloupe website at