Cargo Van Partitions – Protect Yourself from Shifting Cargo

AdrianSteel Partitions

Adrian Steel realizes that running a business can be tough, especially when you must deliver cargo of different sizes and shapes like vending machines, kiosks, or other items that you’re delivering to your micro market. 

Shifting cargo can be a problem for business owners, especially when coming to quick stops thankfully, a cargo van partition can protect the driver from injury due to shifting cargo while ensuring that the cargo remains securely in place and will be delivered in one piece to its destination.  

The Right Cargo Partition for Your Van 

It doesn’t matter the size of your van, or the cargo that your drivers carry on a regular basis, Adrian Steel offers Cargo Van Partitions will help to keep your drivers safe and your loads secure, especially since they offer composite, steel, and wire partitions. 

Once installed, the partitions can be configured for maximum leg room so that your drivers can remain comfortable while they are on the road while ensuring that they will be protected from shifting caro, should they need to make sudden stops.  

Besides driver protection, Cargo Van partitions are also ideal for climate control, improving visibility, reducing cab noise and most importantly, they help drivers to load their vans efficiently. 

Cargo Van Partitions Save Lives 

Every year, cargo van partitions do more than help companies utilize the space in their vans more efficiently, they also save lives since unpredictable stops can lead to life-or-death situations for the driver. 

Adrian Steel’s cargo van partitions are used by companies nationwide, across a wide variety of markets in different makes/models of delivery vehicles including Chevy Bolt cars to traditional Ford Transit Vans. 

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