Cantaloupe Unveils New Seed Pick Easy Solution at NAMA


Seed Pick Easy’s Plug-and-Play Solution Makes Warehouse Picking Process More Efficient.

Cantaloupe, Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions to power self-service commerce, today announced its newest product, Seed Pick Easy, at this year’s National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) show in Atlanta.

“We are so excited to unveil Seed Pick Easy at NAMA,” said Tony Danna, vice president and general manager of Three Square Market division of Cantaloupe, Inc. “We’ve been developing this new system to help make the warehouse picking process more efficient, and the NAMA show is the perfect place to demonstrate this new technology for our customers, who we think will be excited by its capabilities.”

Seed Pick Easy is a tablet-based warehouse picking system designed to deliver time and operational cost savings to operators of all sizes. It’s a cloud-based plug-and-play solution that integrates with an operator’s vending management software (VMS) to generate digital pick lists, so pickers can pre-kit faster. 

“We developed Seed Pick Easy to eliminate paper pick lists, reduce human error, and better organize warehouses,” said Gaurav Singal, CTO of Cantaloupe, Inc. “One of the biggest advantages of Seed Pick Easy over competitor solutions is that it is an entirely cloud-based technology solution. Operators can deploy Seed Pick Easy without disrupting their current processes, and they can scale the solution rapidly as their warehouse capacity grows.”

To get started, Seed Pick Easy requires only a Wi-Fi connection and an operator’s product information to be set up in their current management software. It currently integrates with Cantaloupe’s Seed and Cantaloupe Go (formerly Three Square Market) platforms, with plans to offer additional integrations in the future. Operators can generate digital pick lists to send to their Seed Pick Easy tablets in the warehouse and assign pickers up to eight orders at a time. Pickers then move from product to product, based on what’s showing on the tablet screen, rather than keeping track of printed pick lists. All product quantity changes made on the Seed Pick Easy tablet automatically sync back into their management software so operators can maintain accurate warehouse inventory levels.

“We designed Seed Pick Easy for customers who are looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-use warehouse picking system,” said Tony Danna. “Seed Pick Easy can cut picking time in half compared to warehouses with no current picking solution, and we are excited about how this technology will allow our operators to transform their warehouse picking processes and realize significant time and cost savings.”

To learn more about Cantaloupe’s Seed Pick Easy warehouse system, visit To see Seed Pick Easy in action at The NAMA Show 2023 in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, visit the Cantaloupe booth in Building C, Level 1 #1221, May 10th – 12th.

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