Acquires SmartClaw App

SmartClaw App, a leading manufacturer of bulk vending and claw machines based in Midvale, Utah, has acquired the SmartClaw app, a revolutionary management tool for arcade operators. The app is a product of PixPro Media, which is owned by Joel Wenz, a claw machine operator himself.

“We’re thrilled to bring SmartClaw under the umbrella, and to continue working with Joel and his team to implement our shared vision and roadmap,” said Kevin Johnson, COO of “Our mission has always been to provide top-tier equipment and tools to our operators, enabling them to maximize profits and optimize their operations. Whether it’s integrating existing payment systems like Nayax, or making SmartClaw an extension of our equipment, this acquisition marks a significant step forward in that direction.”

Quote from Joel Wenz
“I couldn’t be more excited for SmartClaw to join forces with Their commitment to innovation and quality perfectly aligns with the goals we’ve set for SmartClaw. This is a win-win situation for all involved, especially the operators who will benefit from enhanced tools and capabilities.”

About SmartClaw
SmartClaw is available on both iOS and Android platforms and provides claw machine and arcade operators with invaluable insights into their businesses with minimal effort. The app includes various features like a dynamic Commission Calculator, tracking capabilities for both claw and bulk vending machines, and simplified payment tracking systems. Users can opt for one of two pricing plans: a Free Plan supporting up to 2 machines/locations or a Full Access plan at $10/month for unlimited access.

“We’re committed to leveraging SmartClaw’s capabilities to complement our existing products, making it a true extension of our equipment,” Johnson elaborated. “Our aim is to develop integrated solutions that simplify collections and provide greater insights into operations, allowing our operators to scale more efficiently.”

For more information on the SmartClaw app, please visit SmartClaw’s website.

About is a Midvale, Utah-based company specializing in the manufacturing of bulk vending and claw machines. With a focus on innovation and quality, has become a trusted name for arcade operators nationwide