Boxxtech, Automating The Sale Of Canned Cocktails

Boxxtech Alcohol Vending Machine

Managing people is usually difficult and can be a liability. Take away that extra stress and use AI tools to sell canned cocktails.

Boxxtech offers a smart vending machine that streamlines alcohol sales by using realtime age verification, proprietary software and hardware and data collection when selling canned alcoholic beverages. 

Automation is everywhere. Why not alcohol?

  • 45% of consumers at events don’t buy from concessions due to long lines.
  • 30 mins is the average time spent in line at the concession stands.
  • People would spend 42% more per party if wait times were cut in half.
  • 70% of people agree that service jobs can be replaced with tech solutions.
  • 56% of consumers said they would definitely pre-order to pick up in an express lane

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Boxxtech Canned Cocktail Vending