Bleni Blends – Delicious Smoothies At The Push Of The Button

Blendi Blends

Smoothie vending machines are finally here, thanks to Bleni Blends! This exciting vending machine makes it possible for consumers to enjoy smoothies with the press of a button. 

Yes, the same quality smoothie that consumers enjoy from today’s commercially successful smoothie businesses is now available from a vending machine, presenting a huge opportunity for operators who are looking for something new to offer their customers.  

State of The Art Technology 

Using state-of-the-art touchscreens and technology, the Bleni Blends smoothie vending machine will have a smoothie ready in 60 seconds, blended to perfection, in a convenient on-the-go cup to enjoy anywhere.  

With decades of food and beverage experience, the founders of Bleni knew that the company’s owners knew that their smoothie vending machine would fill a huge gap in the market since most vending machines offer drinks and snacks but not smoothies. 

Healthy Drinks On The Go 

The blend allows consumers to continue eating something healthy in their daily meal plan without having to sacrifice and eat something less than healthy because they need a snack or last-minute boost.  

Unlike some smoothie shops that offer what they classify as fruit, Bleni smoothies offer delicious smoothies made from natural fruit. Their fruits are responsibly sourced to help them maintain a lower carbon footprint compared to a traditional smoothie shop. 

From strawberry banana to coffee moca, dozens of recipes can be offered from a Bleni. This gives operators looking for new vending machines many options because they can provide more to consumers than drinks and snacks.  

Learn More  

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