Bistro To Go! Self-Check Out Micro Markets

Bistro To Go!

Food Express’ Bistro To Go! self-checkout markets are fully customizable, featuring fresh, healthy foods, snacks, beverages and convenience items at work. If that isn’t convenient enough, enjoy instant promotions and payments with our USConnectMe mobile app!

From vending favorites like chips, cookies, candy, and cookies, to fresh foods and healthy choices, this Micro-Market makes offering all those products easy, and employees have the convenience of finding the healthy selections that they want without having to leave the office. 

Food Express’ Bistro To Go! markets are a popular option for meals on the job, and for workplace refreshment services. Why? Because they are convenient, inviting, and self-serve – enabling employees to satisfy their hunger quickly without roaming off-site. 

Fully customizable to fit your company’s space, tastes, and resources, Bistro to Go! markets are carefully fitted to blend into your existing architecture. What types of products would you find in a market? It’s really up to you! Markets can feature a satisfying array of high-quality, fresh foods, upscale coffee and beverage stations, and a wide variety of snacks, along with convenience items.

Real Time Sales Information 

Besides being an easy and convenient way for employees to get the foods and beverages that they want, Bistro to Go! also comes with real time sales information so that you always know what products are available in your micro market and what needs to be restocked. 

To use Bistro to Go!, all an employee must do is load funds to their card and each time they purchase an item, funds will be deducted. 

What’s most important is that you can offer loyalty rewards with each purchase and special promotions that will make it possible for employees to save up to 30% off their favorite drinks, snacks or freshly made food selections. 

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