BevMax 4 Glass Front Vendor by CPI

BevMax 4

Planning on updating your vending machines? If so, why not consider adding a BevMax 4 glass front vending machine to your portfolio of vending machines? 

Manufactured by Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) and distributed by AVS and Betson, the BevMax 4 is a glass-front vending machine that offers you the ability to display 45 different drink selections at a time.  

Greater variety means consumers will no longer walk away disappointed regardless of if they are visiting your vending machine in the morning, noon, or evening. 

Small Footprint 

Besides having a glass front, this vending machine also offers a small footprint as well. 

At D 33.5″ x W 39″ x H 72″ it can fit almost anywhere, especially through narrow doors, or spaces where you may have tried to place vending machines in the past. 

The BevMax 4 vending machine is ADA compliant and exceeds Tier 3 Energy Star ratings, which Crane says saves about 30% on monthly energy costs.  Crane has lab and field tested the machine with more than 200,000 vends and only nine failures.

Extensively Tested 

Yes, the BevMax 4 is an ideal vending machine because it displays all its merchandise for consumers to see, but what’s most ideal is that it’s been extensively tested both in the lab and in the field. 

During recent field tests, the BevMax 4 was tested with more than 200,000 vends, and it had just 9 failures. These awesome statistics show that this vending machine is designed to withstand high-traffic locations while bringing in maximum ROI. 

Learn More  

To learn more about the BevMax 4, visit Crane’s website.