Betson Unveils “The JuiceBox” Power Distribution Unit

The Juicebox

Betson Imperial Parts and Service, a leader in gaming and amusement parts and services, announces the launch of a groundbreaking product: The JuiceBoxTM. The JuiceBox power distribution unit is designed to revolutionize equipment power by centralizing multiple power needs into a single UL-certified solution.

“The JuiceBox is a result of our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and a direct response to the needs we see in the field,” said Richard Zayas-Bazan – President of Betson Imperial Parts & Service. “We are proud to not only serve the industry but to actively redefine it by introducing innovative solutions like The JuiceBox.”

The JuiceBox eliminates the requirement for multiple power supplies within a single machine, thereby reducing material costs, simplifying operations, increasing reliability and uptime, and enhancing safety.

Why The JuiceBox?

The inception of the JuiceBox stems from Betson’s close relationship with partner manufacturers and working to address unmet needs within the industry. The JuiceBox fills a significant gap in efficient, cost-effective power distribution solutions. Unlike other products in the market, the JuiceBox is not sourced and rebranded, it is an inhouse, engineered and designed Betson solution.

Benefits of The JuiceBox

  • Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for multiple power supplies, cutting material costs.
  • Simplified Operations: Centralizes power management into a single unit, reducing operational complexity.
  • Increased Reliability: Enhances uptime with a robust and reliable power distribution architecture.
  • Improved Safety:UL-certification and a streamlined design enhance safety standards across gaming operations.

The JuiceBox is now available directly through Betson Imperial Parts and Service and will be showcased in upcoming trade shows and industry events.

For more information about The JuiceBox and other Betson products, visit, email, or call (201) 232-4447.

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