B2B Soft Helps Improve Efficiency And Profitability

B2B Retail Vending Software

Thanks to B2B Soft, operators now have a full suite of solutions available to them including autonomous vending machines, that can offer consumers a wide variety of options, beverages, and foods without any physical interaction.  

More Ways To Sell 

Instead of slowing down the growth of their vending business, operators now have a reliable way to speed up growth with the solutions that B2B soft offers them. 

Autonomous retail is the key to vending and micro-market growth during these changing times because 21st-century vending machines make it possible for operators to offer their customers the foods and beverages that they want 24-7 while their machines comply with local ordinances. 

B2B Soft’s vending machines also support multiple carrier products or brands in a single transaction, multiple payment options, cash control/reconciliation, coupon management, digital marketing options, and more. 

Besides being an invaluable employee that’s working 24-7, these vending machines also offer no-touch payment options as well so that consumers can purchase the foods and beverages that they want using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or their payment platform of choice. 

Multiple Options For Operators 

Unlike some companies that only offer one type of vending machine, B2B Soft offers a variety of machines for different purposes including Reverse Logistics, Locker Station, Consumer Goods Vending, and Bill Pay.  

When these vending machines aren’t dispensing the foods and beverages that consumers want, they can also be used as sales agents that operators can use via on-screen digital marketing to promote other products and solutions that their consumers may want from the machine. 

To learn more about B2B Soft, their software, or autonomous vending machines, visit their website at https://b2bsoft.com