Azkoyen’s NEO Q, A Combination Coffee Machine and Water Fountain


Searching for a new coffee vending machine to offer your office coffee clients? If so, why not consider Azkoyen’s Neo Q? This coffee vending machine is different than others because consumers can get coffee and water from the same machine. 

Besides offering two features from one machine, NEO Q is also a machine that promotes sustainability because consumers can refill their own coffee cup, or water bottle, without having to use a paper or Styrofoam cup that would ultimately end up in the trash. 

Exceptional Coffee 

Offering a wide range of coffee recipes, the Neo Q coffee machine doesn’t just offer traditional black coffee; consumers can use this machine to choose from a variety of coffee shop style drinks including hot chocolate tea and other flavored drinks. 

With plenty of options available to them, the NEO Q will eliminate the need for consumers to travel to their local coffee shop, or convenience store, to get coffee because they will have plenty of satisfying options available to them right from the office. 

NEO Q is also easy for any operator to maintain, and what’s most ideal is that the face of the machine can be replaced in five minutes, updating the design, and making it fresh for any location.  

Fresh, Filtered Water 

In the 2020’s, more consumers than ever before are increasing their water intake because they know the benefits of drinking water but, they won’t drink water from just any source. This is why NEO Q is an ideal machine to add to any breakroom because it dispenses fresh water, along with high quality coffee. 

The NEO Q filtration system utilizes ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and impurities, ensuring that consumers will be able to enjoy water that’s a higher quality than what they might be able to get from the tap. 

What’s even more ideal is that consumers can also choose the NEO Q water chiller option, so that they can enjoy a glass of cold water during warm weather. 

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