Automated Mini Store, Go Large!

Automated Mini Store

Are you searching for the next vending machine to add to your route? If so, you don’t want to miss DMVI’s automated ‘mini store’ vending machine

This vending machine offers the convenience of a mini store because it holds up to 336 SKUs, or a total of 6,384 products while not requiring the same footprint as a typical convenience store.  

Besides offering the ability to hold an extensive number of products, this automated mini store also offers a fast, reliable product delivery system, real time data that’s updated to the cloud, e-locks for controlled access, and more. 

Reliable, Scalable and Ready for Deployment 

If you have a location that would be a good fit for this mini store, you need something that’s going to work great and offer ROI now, not later. 

Thanks to the DMVI mini store, you can have peace of mind that this machine is going to offer your customers the products that they want and need but what’s most important of all is that your customers won’t walk away empty handed since it offers multiple ways to pay including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. 

Besides offering your customers the convenience of being able to easily have access to the products that they want, this vending machine is also easy for operators to use as well because it can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Sell Hot or Cold Products  

Are you planning on offering your vending customers freshly made salads, sandwiches, or soups? This vending machine has the capability to offer both hot and cold products since it can also be equipped with refrigeration or heating. 

Once a customer walks up to this large format vending machine, they will be able to make their selection from the large touch screen then once they’ve made their payment, the machines dispensing mechanism will find the customers product and drop it into the delivery chute. 

Although these vending machines are great for holding a wide variety of food and beverages, they can also be used to hold larger items as well  

Learn More  

To learn more about DMVI’s automated mini store, visit their website at or call (800) 490-1108, email

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