Automat Technology, Food Served Through Locker Vending Windows

Dumbling Food Lockers

Stratis Morfogen is an established restaurateur who has handcrafted 32 delicious flavors of dumplings to be served in a 24hour automat.

The entire concept is touchless and contact-free keeping customers and staff safe while being able to deliver consistent hot and fresh food. It’s the first dumpling franchise to go completely touch-free.

Utilizing the once common Automat allows the brand to keep customers and employees safe by eliminating a point of contact but also regulate the temperature of each locker ensuring food stays piping hot or drinks perfectly chilled. Customers will receive a unique code on their phone which opens only their lockers. This ensures the correct food is taken every time and makes it fast and easy for third-party delivery services. Customers are able to order online or at self-sanitizing kiosks in-store.


This revolutionary concept has shaken the QSR industry and is on track to reach its goals to open 500 units in the next 5 years are underway. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will be in every train station, airport, strip mall, and shopping center in the top mass media markets both nationally and worldwide.

Automat Technology – Serving Customers Since 1902 

One of the top solutions that restaurants have been turning to since the pandemic is Automat Technology, a system of delivering food through a wall of lockers with glass windows. Utilizing Automat Technology has made it possible for many businesses, including Brooklyn Dumpling House, to serve customers, on demand. 

Designed for primarily take-out and delivery, Brooklyn Dumpling House offers three locations in Brooklyn that make it possible for consumers to enjoy dumplings and other snack foods, on the go. 

How Does It Work? 

Ordering and payment is done via a consumer’s mobile phone. 

Prices are affordable and range from $10-$20 per menu item, comparable to most fast-food restaurants in the 2024, but more ideal these meals are made fresh. 

Dumpling Vending Machine

With a diverse menu of items ranging from delicious dumplings, potstickers, Korean BBQ, gluten-free pork, and cabbage, to dessert dumplings, the owners of Brooklyn Dumpling House envision 30 locations across Philadelphia and New Jersey in the coming years. 

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the owners of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop have now expanded their brand to Canada as well. 

Available as a Franchise or as a Dumpling Vending Machine!

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