AquaCafe® Offers New K-Cup Dispenser

AquaCafé K-Cup

When it comes to managing an office coffee service, you need a single-serve dispenser that can offer your customers more than just coffee. 

Made by Aquabeve, the AquaCafe® dispenser will meet all of the requirements of any office, what’s best of all is that it’s also designed to use both environmentally friendly K-Cups and reusable coffee cups as well. 

More Beverage Choices For Everyone  

In today’s world, coffee is still a popular beverage that’s enjoyed by millions in the United States but despite its popularity, tea is a close second followed by any number of cold water infused beverages. 

Since each office is different, and has its own specific installation needs, AquaCafe® offers you the ability to choose between their plumbed filtration, or their bottled water model, so that you can meet the demand of your customer regardless of their situation.  

With AquaCafe®, employees will be able to choose between single-serve coffee or any number of other hot or chilled beverages. 

With multiple cup sizes and a touchpad for easy selection, employees who use the AquaCafe® will be able to easily get the beverages that they want at a moment’s notice. 

Designed For High Traffic Locations 

AquaCafe® is also designed for high traffic locations as well and includes sealed controls that keep out liquid and dirt, a safety lock functionality that eliminates accidental hot water dispensing. 

Besides the safety features, there’s also a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and height adjustment which makes it easy to accommodate multiple-size containers. 

To learn more about AquaCafe®, visit their website at, call (909) 629-7301, email