Apriva Helps Save On Payment Processing

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Thanks to Apriva payment systems, operators now have a reliable and cost-effective option for payment processing because they enable operators to buy payments wholesale, without any markup on processing fees, or the size of the business. 

Accept All Payment Methods Without Losing Money On Processing Fees 

Vending operators have to offer their customers the ability to pay how they want to pay because, it’s not uncommon for an operator to lose a sale if a consumer is not able to pay with what they have in their wallet or purse.  

With Phoenix AZ-based Apriva, operators can accept every payment method, and they can do so with confidence knowing that they are not losing money on the processing fees that they have to pay. 

Besides having more than 10 years of experience working with vending operators, Apriva also has processed more than 1 billion vending payments worldwide, and they’ve empowered operators so that they can accept unattended payments through the secure Apriva gateway. 

Apriva Offers The Highest Level Of Fraud Protection 

Fraud protection is essential in the 2020s as vending machines and kiosks are being targeted more than ever before by hackers. 


What’s also ideal about choosing Apriva is that this software offers a P2PE Certified Gateway. This means that their gateway has the highest level of fraud protection and an operator can have peace of mind in knowing that their machines are protected from data breaches.  

Visit Apriva at NAMA in Booth #1612!

To learn more about Apriva payment systems, visit their website at https://payments.apriva.com/for-vending/, 877-435-3141,