Announcing OptConnect’s Max Aware Router

OptConnect Max Aware Router

OptConnect announces the new Max Aware Router.

Sometimes you need help with network connectivity in tough spots like a micro market, vending machine breakroom, pop-up retail kiosk. laundromat or car wash.  The Max Aware gives you the power of dual-carrier connectivity 4G LTE + Wi-Fi, so you can connect critical machines reliably.

Fact 1: Connecting to the Internet isn’t always easy – especially if a wired connection isn’t possible.

Fact 2: OptConnect created the max aware router to make IoT connectivity simple (even in challenging environments).

The Benefits of the Max Aware Router:

  • High-speed 4G LTE CAT 4
  • Dual-carrier redundancy
  • Ethernet WAN to cellular failover
  • Pre-configured with Wi-Fi settings
  • Easy-fit build: 6.125″ x 3.625″
  • Battery backup for peace of mind
  • Out-of-box plug and play
  • Remote device connectivity

If you do have an Ethernet connection that goes down suddenly, the max aware automatically goes over to wireless. Boom! Just like that, you’re protected from unexpected outages.

For more information, contact OptConnect at 877-678-3343, extension 2, or email, or visit Website.