365 Stockwell 2.0 Smart Store Cabinets, Better Convenience.

Stockwell 2.0

The Stockwell 2.0 Smart Cabinets by 365 Markets are designed for dual-climate zones, AI product recognition and more, meaning that cabinets can be stocked with ambient and refrigerated items along with high-margin products that can generate more ROI for a business.   

Besides a great smart cabinet design, Stockwell 2.0 also comes with computer vision that eliminates the need for product scanning, since the vending machine knows what products are selected and charges the customer accordingly. 

Unlike traditional vending machines that can only be placed in some locations, Stockwell 2.0 has an attractive design that makes it possible for it to be placed in any location including airports, hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, and other untapped markets. 

These smart vending cabinets are also equipped for multiple payment options, and they come with walk away technology that provides consumers with an easy checkout and increased convenience that will also capture new accounts and generate new customers for any business. 

365 Stockwell 2.0

Product Diversity in An Attractive Package

With Stockwell 2.0 Smart Store Cabinets, consumers can enjoy product diversity in a nontraditional package that makes it possible for them to get the items that they are looking for without walking away disappointed. 

Smart stores are the future, and Stockwell 2.0 makes it possible for operators to capitalize on the frictionless retail trend while offering the same benefits and ROI as a traditional vending business. 

To learn more about Stockwell 2.0, visit the 365 Markets website at https://365retailmarkets.com