365 Launches MM6 Mini Self-Service Kiosk For Micro Market Applications

MM6 Mini

365 Retail Markets has unveiled a new versatile kiosk, the MM6 Mini, that balances flexibility and consumer experience with any dining cafeteria or micro market location. 

Until now, two extremes of kiosk technology have existed in the market for Food Service Operators (FSOs). Cheap tablet-based solutions that target smaller spaces but trade consumer experience for cost. And full-sized kiosks that best address premium, high-touch, and high traffic locations.

The MM6 Mini allows Food Service Operators to serve a broader range of location types with top-tier consumer experience.

With smaller offices becoming the norm and growth in new segments like healthcare and hotels, FSOs need a middle ground to better serve a broader range of location types and their bottom line without compromising customer satisfaction.

The MM6 Mini is a compact point-of-sale, with 15.6 inch display that offers unlimited placement flexibility with wall and countertop mount options. Its size is perfectly suited for midsize locations, but its price makes it attractive to cluster with additional Minis to improve throughput in larger spaces. New in the latest MM6 line of next generation kiosks from 365, the MM6 Mini helps operators cut down service time and drive additional income through digital advertising services powered by Advana™.

MM6 Mini

Part of a hardware platform that supports multichannel applications, MM6 Mini offers a thoughtful, frictionless self-checkout experience for both dining and micro market applications. The 365-user interface (UI) for dining was enhanced to offer the highly desired capabilities of nutritional insight, upsell recommendations, order ahead, and custom orders. For micro markets, the industry proven UI has easy item look-up for items without barcodes, highlights transaction detail, and efficiently guides consumers through the transaction. Operators with the two concepts adjacent can use a single kiosk for both market and café purchases to further save space and cost.

“Considering the transition of business & industry (B&I) towards smaller office spaces with hybrid work models, we firmly believe that the MM6 Mini is the ideal solution for catering to workplace refreshment services in this evolving landscape,” said Boris Amegadjie, Chief Product Officer for 365. For operators expanding into new markets outside of B&I, Amegadjie continued, “Equipped with a flexible size that accommodates any setting and a remarkable combination of affordability and performance, operators are poised for successful outcomes wherever they take their business.”

Earlier this Spring, the MM6 Mini won the coveted distinction of the People’s Choice Award at the NAMA Show which confirmed early operator feedback on the technology.

Visit our website to learn more about MM6 Mini for micro markets. Operators can also reach out directly to a sales representative.