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Vending ConnectionThe Company – Vending Connection
We started Vending Connection on 1996 as an online marketing tool for “The Original Vending Start-Up Kit”, written by the original Founder Linda Dalton-Marselli with Co-Founder Karen Scott, to help folks start and operate a new vending machine business. (Linda was a vending operator herself and wanted to help others set started in the industry).

Now the site has developed into a USA & Worldwide Vending Resource Directory, All about vending industry! Using resources with the latest information concerning the latest new and announcements in vending and coin operated industries. Providing Vending Machine Suppliers, parts, routes for sale, vended products and Including: Amusement, Coin-operated and Automatic Self Service Industry information to help those in the industry to find new ideas to succeed.

The Vending Connection does not sell vending machines, vended products or find locations. Here at VC we give a percentage of the proceeds to Christian Charitable Organizations each week, to benefit God’s Kingdom.

Our mission is “To continue an ongoing development of excellent vending information and technology resources to help you improve and grow your vending business in 2018 and beyond. Helping to creating new careers through entrepreneurship opportunities within the vending self service industry.”

Thank you for helping VendingConnection.com become the #1 Vending Business Resource Center.

Advertising info, Contact us: Vending Connection,  1-800-956-8363

Wishing you much Success from The Staff at Vending Connection!

Karen ScottKaren Scott – Publisher/ Owner / Co Founder  – Karen has an extensive background in Advertising, Publishing, National Advertising Sales and Media Internet Marketing. Karen has an ongoing research program in the marketing, design, and publishing of Vending Connection EBooks, publications and New Business Development on our Business Resource Website. Karen can provide your vending company with a special Internet advertising package to get the results you need…just ask “The answer woman”.  Contact Karen.
“Whether you are interested in “Cashless vending, Self Service Micro Markets, or starting a new vending business, we can help. Vending is now a 25+ Billion Dollar industry, is stable and has continued growth. With vending consumers wanting products, fast, convenient and economical, vending offers new entrepreneurs a way to start a vending self service business and grow profitably. Check out the newest Technology NEWS.”– Karen S.

KimKim – Kim serves as assistant to the Sales Department.
Kim is an excellent Email Marketer & Sales Assistant. Kim is a great “multi-tasker” and she works diligently in the main office, data input department and assists the sales dept. with mostly clerical needs. Kim can answer any questions you may have.
Contact Kim with any questions.


Richard Dalton IT


Richard -VC’s  IT Professional and Website Adviser.


Elliot – Writer for Vending Technology News… [ Learn more ]

Eric – Advertising Sales Director for Vending Technology News.


Linda Marselli

In Remembrance of Linda Dalton-Marselli, 1952-2015.

“A highly honored Vending Industry Professional, she contributed greatly to the Vending Industry. Linda was the original author  of The Vending Start Up Kit!”.

Linda devoted her life to being a loving Mother, Sister, Grandmother and wife.  Linda is greatly missed, as her passing on to heaven on November 30th, 2015″. – Karen Scott

“Words of Wisdom”

“What are you doing today to make your business and yourself better? Success is the culmination of repeated actions working toward a goal. Every day you should be doing something to help you move toward your goal.”

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” –Confucius

“Start today, take a step every day and you will achieve your goal.” —Anonymous