Yoke Payments Teams With TriTeq On Cooler Access And Tracking

Yoke Payment systemsYoke Payments, a point of sale system provider, has teamed with TriTeq Lock and Security. Their integration is designed to create a smarter, more secure, controlled access solution at an affordable price point.

By downloading the Yoke mobile app or using the Yoke self-checkout terminal, a customer can purchase a product from a cooler secured with a TriTeq lock. Once the payment is accepted the door will unlock.

Customers can make a one-off purchase using their credit card or pre-load funds onto their account. Customers simply use the “lookup item” function to add products to the shopping cart and press “buy now” to execute the transaction. In real-time, all sales and inventory information is passed back to an inventory management system.

“The cooler door will then unlock for the customer, giving them a window of 15 seconds to grab a product out of the cooler,” said Ben Thomas, co-founder at Yoke Payments. “The operator will know who opened the cooler, have a time stamp of the transaction and payment details and know the duration the cooler door was open for.”

Operators have full access to the TriTeq analytics that allow for tracking all cooler openings and constant temperature monitoring. The lock system can be used with any cooler the operator wants to use. Also, if the operator has an existing cooler with a Triteq lock, they can simply exchange it for the version that allows for communication between the two platforms.

Yoke also offers cameras that can be installed inside or on the cooler. “That way you have a visual of when the door opens and the products that are taken,” Thomas said. “You can see any transactions that are happening within those locations,” he said. With the Yoke loyalty program, operators can create and load funds to customer accounts and offer cash back incentives.

The Yoke software also integrates with the Cantaloupe Seed Pro and VendSys vending management systems. Operators using these platforms can now have a single backend solution to manage vending machines, micro markets and controlled access coolers all in one place.

The Yoke platform has a one-time license fee and an ongoing support fee. Yoke provides the entire system for operators in cooperation with TriTeq and can also provide a complete cellular solution removing the need for access to the locations network.

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