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Kazakhstan Vending Machine Companies, offering Vending Machines; Candy, Gumball, Snack, Soda, Combo, Drinks, Food, Deli, Frozen, Ice Cream, Healthy Vending machines, Micro Markets, Amusement Games and repair services & more for your offices & breakrooms! Please contact these kazakhstan vending suppliers direct for more information about their vending products, machines or services.

Cities include: Capital is Astana, large city is Almaty.
Surrounding Countries: Turkey, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ubekistan,
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Jsbs Vending – We are professional Snack and beverage Combo vending machine manufacturer in China.Good quality and stability working performance attracts many professional distributors around the world. Our Combo vendor is the second brand in Australian market.Other distributors are in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Holland, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea.


Visit www.vend-shop.com to buy vending machines online. Company is based in Kazakhstan