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New BARE FRUIT is a delicious, healthy snack that is all natural baked fruit, low in calories, high in fiber and naturally sweet! The secret is in our slow bake dried process in apple wood-burning ovens. BARE FRUIT comes in a variety of apple chip and coconut chip flavors.
Phone: 509-554-5550
Local: 360-778-1444
Fax: 360-778-1872
Dakota Gourmet – Healthy snacks you’ll be proud to serve… Since 1987, the master roasters at Dakota Gourmet have converted locally grown corn, sunflower, and soybean commodities into mouth-wateringDakota Gourmet Foodservice Site school menu items that meet USDA standards.
Phone: 800-727-6663
Dipasa USA, Inc. – Our Sesame Honey bits are a healthy and delicious treat. We combine our mechanically hulled sesame seed with our special honey to make this nutritious snack. Based out of Brownsville, Texas.
Phone: 956-831-4072
Fax: 956-831-5893
EatSmart All-Natural Snacks are always tastier and always better for you. Now, reduce carbs with Soy~Teins.
Every Day Fruit Healthy Snacks Can Be Tasty Too! Discover how easy it can be to snack your way to better health just by eating fruit-based healthy snacks! Everyday Fruit has a solution to all of the excuses we use to avoid eating healthy snacks; all while you get the suggested daily fruit requirement. Ensure your long-term health with these appetizing and healthy snacks.
Phone: 888-262-3997
Fax: 305-768-3916
Jim BeamⓇ Premium Nut Snackline
Jim BeamⓇ – Our select nuts are harvested across America’s greatlands and embody the flavorful heritage of Jim Beam’s 200+ year history. Signature roasted with a touch of genuine Kentucky flavour, these nuts carry a sweet & smokey flavor that you are sure to enjoy! Go ahead, taste a delicious handful of these nuts and discover the difference true Kentucky flavor makes. Jim BeamⓇ — famous for quality since 1795.
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Jim Beam Nut Snacks
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Phone: 480-663-3843
Fax. 480-663-3859
LUVO – Our menu of frozen entrées come right out the pouch looking and tasting like they came out of a restaurant kitchen. The secret is simple: wholesome, nutritious ingredients and chef-inspired recipes steam-cooked in our paper pouch. Wholesale Healthy Frozen Meals – Frozen Food Merchandisers for Vending, from Luvo Inc!
Phone: 844-880-5886
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NU-HEALTH FRUIT is an innovative brand producing delicious & wholesome Fruit in Fruit Juice snacks. Packaging is perfect for vending machines or stores alike. Las Vegas, NV.
Phone: 800.806.0519
Vend Natural – The growing demand for convenient access to health foods has led to an explosion in the health food market, and has dictated a revolution in vending machine design resulting in today’s state-of-the-art machines offering fresh, natural and organic snacks and beverages. Visit:
Phone: 410-263-8113