Why Microcoin Coin Validators?

Micro coin

Microcoin coin validators are designed from first principles to provide the best and most robust coin handing solutions. They can operate as single coin or multi-coin acceptors in virtually any application from Gaming to Amusements, Kiosk, Carwash and Vending.

They are sought after for their reliability, speed of operation and versatility.

The Microcoin QL is a high speed multi-coin validator which works equally well in a 10 coins per second gaming environment as it does in a rugged carwash.

The Microcoin SP and Microcoin CX changer are seen in kiosk, amusement and vending machines.


In a casino environment, banknote readers and coin validators are used with gaming machines. Banknote validators and coin acceptors provide maximum security and fraud prevention.


For video games, pinball machines, redemption machines, pool tables, and soft gambling operations, Microcoin coin acceptors offer multi-coin acceptance and security against fraud. The GBA banknote validators are cost-effective solutions for taking notes in any application.

Vending, Kiosk and Carwash

The vending, kiosk and carwash industries include cold drink machines, laundrettes, hot coffee machines, car parking and ticketing machines, to name a few. Microcoin coin validators and GBA note acceptors offer the convenience of securely accepting cash in all of these markets with industry standard products.

For more information visit https://microcoin.com/, phone: 702-643-1600.