USA Technologies G10-S Series Certified For Verizon’s 4G LTE Network

4G-LTEUSA Technologies announced the availability of the ePort Connect Platform’s G10-S Series, which has been certified for use on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. This latest generation ePort introduces advances in cashless payment processing, as well as mobile wallet and consumer engagement services. The new features are designed to capitalize on advances in both wireless technology and smartphone devices that make connecting businesses to consumers, and consumers to businesses, more frictionless.

The ePort G10-S is the first 4G LTE cashless payment device in the unattended small-ticket retail industry, according to USAT. Nationwide availability of the G10-S is expected in February 2017, and will enable USAT to offer its customers faster processing and enhanced functionality, and make it possible to support the value-added services of ePort Connect as technology and consumer requirements evolve.

The nationwide availability of the G10-S will enable USAT to offer its customers enhanced functionality for payment and consumer engagement applications that require higher speeds and large data loads, and make it possible to support certain add-on features as technology and customer requirements evolve. Another advantage of upgrading to LTE is that it provides a minimum 10-year network life span.

USA TechnologiesUSAT’s ePort G10-S features Apple Pay loyalty integration with the MORE loyalty program. The ePort G10-S device arrives ready to accept the next generation MORE loyalty and payroll deduct platform via Apple Pay.

The ePort G10-S operates on a stronger wireless signal. The new design includes a second “diversity antenna,” giving it the ability to connect to wireless networks over farther distances than devices with a single antenna.

Through USAT’s augmented MORE loyalty program, brands have the ability to reach targeted consumers directly, impacting buying behavior through their smartphones. The push messaging features, enhanced by new functionality in the G10-S, can reward consumers instantly for acting upon the messaging.

These capabilities are designed to help operators increase sales and participation at the point of sale, collect and report on purchasing behavior for brands, and reward consumers in a targeted manner.

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By Elliot Maras

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