Upgrade Old Vending Machines And Offer Your Customers More Options

Sadly, many vending machines on location can’t be classified as ‘high-tech’ because they are older machines that only accept coins and dollar bills, which offers consumers minimal payment options. 

One alternative to purchasing new equipment for today’s market is to reach out to a company such as Cleveland, OH-based Vendors Exchange International

The company offers operators all of the hardware that they need to upgrade their vending machines and offers consumers the latest options including rewards, loyalty programs, social sharing, cashless payments, and more. 

Now Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your Old Vending Machines 

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your older vending machines, now is the right time, especially since more people rely on vending machines for foods and beverages than ever before as stores are closing. 

Besides offering their consumers the foods and beverages that they want, vending machines in the 2020s also must have touchscreens and the ability to accept multiple payment options as well. 

With the vending machine control boards by Vendors Exchange International, operators can upgrade their vending machines so that they can conveniently offer their consumers the features that they want while increasing the operators’ sales from that machine at the same time. 

About the Vendors Exchange International Universal Control Board 

The universal control board (USB) by Vendors Exchange International makes upgrading most any vending machine easy.  The control boards are compatible with existing 110V validators, and coin mechs are easy to install as well. 

When you order VEII control boards you will also receive a keypad, display board, power supply, electrical harness, labels, and hardware to mount it on any existing vending machine. 

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To learn more about the technology that you need to upgrade your vending machine, visit the Vendors Exchange International website at https://www.veii.com

Phone: 800-321-2311, or Email: info@veii.com