U.K. Vending Operator T Vend Boosts Sales 30% With Monyx Wallet And Loyalty Promotions

TVend, NayaxAfter finding success by installing Nayax cashless payment and management solutions in its 23 machines in 2018, T Vend – which serves schools, offices, warehouses, gyms, airports, universities and shopping centers in the U.K. – decided to take advantage of Nayax’s consumer engagement platform to drive their sales even more.

The Milton Keynes, U.K. based company was also interested in Nayax’s consumer payment app, Monyx Wallet, because of its ability to offer PayPal as a payment method.

The cashless payment and management solution alone boosted sales by 30 percent.

“After we spent some time using the app ourselves, we realized all the features available, including the very handy customer refund option enabling us to send customers an instant credit to their app during the rare moments of a machine issue,” said James Smith, the company’s director.

This past June, the T Vend team introduced a promotional campaign via Nayax’s management suite. T Vend only had to fill in a few fields, select criteria from a handful of dropdown menus, decide on the messaging, and the campaign was ready to be launched.

“It was unbelievably simple,” Smith said. “A 15-minute setup on Nayax’s dashboard and we were up and running!”

The first part of the campaign was promoting “9+1” digital punch cards, giving consumers the 10th product free after buying nine products. The campaign applies to any product bought by credit card, prepaid credit or the Monyx Wallet app for more than 50 pence within a 60-day period.

The second part was promoting the gamification of Monyx Wallet, with the “Shake to Win” campaign. Consumers received cash back credit on purchases with the Monyx Wallet by shaking the app after a purchase.

Nayax refunded the bonus credit as a complimentary gift for operators.

T Vend marketed both campaigns via a combination of email marketing, social media and stickers on the machines. In addition, the company promoted the punch card campaign and allowed customers to download the Monyx Wallet via the LED strip on several machines.

In three months, more than 1,200 punch cards have been completed, sales have increased by 30 percent while transactions volume has increased by 80 percent. Cashless sales have grown by 40 percent and the ratio of cashless to cash vends is now 70/30. T Vend also noticed that with less cash sales they are spending less time taking care of cash related activities.

T Vend attributes this to the fact that each punch is counted by Nayax’s system automatically.

“Customers are loving the fact they don’t have to do anything extra to participate,” Smith said. “No QR codes or accounts to create. Just purchase as normal.” Consumers are rewarded for their loyalty upon the 10th purchase, which is automatically free.

The “Shake to Win” has also proved very popular among consumers and encouraged more downloads of the Monyx Wallet app. Consumer engagement has thus been strengthened with further customer interactions following purchases. “We’ve received several screenshots from consumers showing the high cashbacks they’ve won,” Smith said.

T Vend is currently working on integrating more of Nayax’s loyalty capabilities. They have chosen to use Monyx Wallet’s bonus credit to encourage further interaction with consumers.

“We are now also encouraging consumers to use Monyx Wallet to purchase new items by offering free credit in return for an e-mailed screenshot of their purchase,” Smith said.

T Vend now automatically includes the punch card campaign for every new machine added to their operations.

“The promotional activities that Nayax has enabled us to deliver are transformative for our growth,” Smith said. “With the loyalty programs we have seen our sales steadily go up and we’re noticing more regular customers. We’re really happy with the progress and view Nayax as a partner in our continued success.”

For more information visit https://www.nayax.com/

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